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Diploma in Fashion Designing

Axis Institute of Fashion Technology (AIFT)

Affiliated to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU, formerly UPTU), Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh)
AKTU Code : 720


The course incorporates 9 modules,4 course subjects and one workshop comprising of detailed notes, with some modules including video accompaniment too. It is recommend that the module course is completed at one module within a week to two weeks. If you are not able to complete the modules within this time you have the flexibility to return them at your own pace, provided the entire course has been completed within nine months of commencing study. An integral part of the course is the skilled teaching team made up of high profile lecturer who have some of the best minds in the fashion industry. You will be assigned a designated expert at the beginning of your studies, who will assess & critique each of your modules with a view to marking your assignments, driving your learning capacity and expanding your creativity - enabling you to achieve great results. On completion of study, you will be awarded the AIFT Diploma in Fashion designing Diploma certificate, with your level of overall course achievement recorded as a means average of all module grades. AIFT advises each student individually as to the area of the industry that best fits their individual skill set.

Fashion Designing One Year Course Outline :

    1. Basic Design(Module)

    2. Design Idea(Module)

    3. Sketching and Illustration

    4. Embroidery(Module)

    5. Drafting & Pattern making(Module)

    6. Garment Construction(Module)

    7. Textile Science

    8. History of Garment Industries

    9. Computerized Designing(Module)

    10. Business Management

    11. Range Development(Module)

    12. Market research Project (Module)

    13. Participation in Shows, Different Workshops

    14. Case Studies, Design Collection etc. (Module)


Full information for returning assignments is given to students enroled on the course. Each module marking is returned to students with detailed individual assessment & feedback, from your designated expert . This vital guidance from industry professionals, assists with effective progression through the course. Access to expert is also provided via email or telephone as often as is required per student.

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