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Diploma in Fashion Designing and Garment Technology

The aim of this course is to develop Fashion Design professionals to meet their expected want in market in the coming years. With the liberalisation of economic policy of India, day by day many foreign Industries are entering into Indian market specially in the field of garment manufacturing. To face this invasion of Indian markets by foreign firms, local manufacturers and designers are to be made worthy of standing the challenges coming before them. The challenges include technological innovations, changes in design concept and knowledge and use of new materials. Keeping all this in view revision of the curriculum developed four year before becomes imperative, So a workshop of personnels engaged in this field was organised at the institute . The participants were teachers, manufacturers and holders of sell outlets. There has been a day long brain storming on the contents of the previously developed curriculum and the following points has been collectively appreciated to be included in the curriculum.

Inclusion of knowledge, practice and use of computer in designing.

Inclusion of subject fashion illustration & model drawing instead of sketching & illustration.

Inclusion of subject Fashion Designing Concept instead of history of Fashion.

Inclusion of the subjects (i) Embroidery, (ii) knitting

Jewellery & Fashion accessories.

The paper Textile theory has been replaced by a new paper "Textile Science": richer in contents in depth and breadth.


Three areas were identified in which a diploma holder in fashion designing can begin his/her career.

(A) Employment

(B) Entrepreneurship

(C) Freelancing

The detailed job description under each of the above fields may be summarised as below:

(A) Employment :

    1. Fashion Merchandizing

    2. Asstt. Designers

    3. Sampling & Supervision

    4. Fashion Accessories Design

    5. Fashion Design Institutions

    6. Fashion Co-ordinator

    7. Fashion Museums

    8. Research & Development

B) Entrepreneurship

    1. Boutiques

    2. Fabricators

    3. Fashion Ancillaries

    4. Designer Creations Exclusive

    5. Fashion Design job-production

    6. Large Scale Production

    7. Fashion Specialisation

(C) Freelancing

    1. Magazine Designers

    2. Fashion Exhibitions

    3. Window Display

    4. Consultancy

    5. Fashion Shows

Main features of the curriculum:

Course Title Diploma in Fashion Designing & Garment Technology
Duration Three Years(Six Semester)
Type Full Time
Pattern Semester System
Intake 60
Entry Qualification Passed Highschool with 35% Marks
Mode of Admission Through Joint Entrance Examination

Course Subject Include:

1st Semester

1 Professional Communication
2 Fashion Design concept
3 Basic Design & Sketching
4 Drafting & Pattern Making-1
5 Computer Principle & Application

2nd Semester

1 Textile Science
2 Basic Stitching Techniques
3 Embroidery
4 Industrial Machine Tools & Equipment

3rd Semester

1 Design Ideas
2 Drafting and Pattern Making-2
3 Fabric Selection and Identification
4 Leather Science

4th Semester

1 Garment Fabrication
2 Knitting
3 CAD for Costume-1

5th Semester

1 CAD for Costume-2
2 Leather Garment Construction
3 Grading
4 Jewellery and Fashion Accessories

6th Semester

1 Environmental Education and Disaster Management
2 Apparel Industry & Production Management
3 Dress Designing
4 Business Organisation & Enterpreneurship Development
5 Fashion Illustration & Model Drawing
6 Project
7 Field Exposure-2
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