Studying Fashion in AIFT

Kanpur, a city of 5.6 million people, has 15,000 industrial units spanning four industrial clusters. It is the ninth largest economy, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers, with annual contribution of 27 billion dollars to country’s GDP. Other than spinning the economic flywheel, the city pays Rs 7,000 crore in taxes—highest in state-- and share 60% of revenue reaching centre from the state. On every level, Kanpur is a growing industrial capital and the rapidly developing city in the country . With the Boom in fashion industry recognized as one of the most innovative and exciting, this is a city buzzing with unique industrial experiences ready to welcome the next generation of emerging fashion and style talent.

Studying in AIFT is the perfect opportunity to explore the city brimming with industrial growth to entice your love of fashion and to expand your creative vibes in realistic industrial environment.

We are part of Utter Pradesh Technical University with access to a full range of facilities and expertise. Our campus is modern and purpose-built , a nature reserve and recreation grounds.

We are based in the city , which embraces both history and modernity with a range of amenities and a diverse cultural life. We are also within easy reach of Lucknow. Significant and ongoing investment is the key to our ambition to have the latest cutting-edge facilities and resources to meet industry standards and provide the best support to all our students. One of our major attractions is the dedicated studio space for our fashion students. Professional creative management suites and presentation areas are supported with extensive resources including digital-printing facilities, professionally equipped photographic studios, screen-printing facilities, a variety of specialist computer suites, Authorized video-editing centre, laser cutting, 3D printing/prototyping, and networked data storage for all students. We also have our own gallery, library, students’ union, and art and design supplies shop.

We are committed to supporting you through your studies and believe that here at Axis institute of fashion technology we offer unrivaled opportunities for you to realize your potential and enjoy a productive and rewarding learning experience.

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